Buggles and ASIA founder member Geoffrey 
Downes' NEW DANCE ORCHESTRA returns with a
brand new album of studio recordings:

Shine On (MP3 Sample)
Forgiven (MP3 Sample)
Movin' On (MP3 Sample)
Rainbow's End (MP3 Sample)
Breaking The Spell (MP3 Sample)
Love Is Not Enough (MP3 Sample)
Jinx (MP3 Sample)
Hanging By A Thread (MP3 Sample)
Remember The Day (MP3 Sample)
Dance To The Music Of Time (MP3 Sample)
Walking Through The Fire (MP3 Sample)
Golden Days (MP3 Sample)

All instruments programmed and performed by
Geoffrey Downes.
Lead Vocals by Anne-Marie Helder.
Produced by Geoffrey Downes.


Geoff Downes Official Website: www.geoffdownes.com